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Our Story

Anime Cases is a family-run business dedicated to making your phone a true representation of you—your personality, passions and the shows you love.

A few years back, Aden (our CEO) was looking for a new phone case and discovered that most phone cases are boring. Like, really boring.

As an avid cosplayer, Aden had spent endless hours creating awesome designs based around his favorite characters, stories and shows. If he was going to bring his phone everywhere, he wanted it to embody what he loved.

Eventually, Aden decided to create his own cases instead. The designs were a hit and Anime Cases was born.

Today, Aden and his wife, Amy, work together to create awesome cases for anime fans across the globe. We've spent countless hours perfecting our designs to ensure that you get a case that you'll love.

But enough about us. Check out our designs, find one you love and make your phone as awesome as you are.

Thanks for your support!

-Aden & Amy


Meet the Team
Aden Andrus
Amy Andrus